I am a Canadian fine artist and photographer. My interest in photography began at a young age, with people and mountainous rural landscapes being of particular interest. Ever since then I have been in love with the camera, focusing on learning, then adapting technique and design to suit my inner vision. When digital technology was introduced to the world, I saw unlimited creative possibility and set about educating myself in computer design and software application. Eventually this expertise combined with my innate creativity and I began designing websites. In the process I taught myself to use a variety of software and this naturally led to expanding my photographic endeavours into the new field of digital art.

My preferred program is Corel Painter IX, which allows me to appreciate the method and attain similar results without having to master brushes and pigments,  I incorporates Adobe Photoshop CS with Painter IX, having found the two are not only compatible but highly complimentary. I want to thank both Corel and Adobe for developing such powerful technology and making it available, which have added new frontiers to my artistic vision.

My Background

I began developing my life long interest in photography at the age of 10 and from that point onward I have been fascinated with the medium. My first subjects were character studies of friends, family and interesting people I encountered, but also the natural world.  In particular, I focused my lens on rural and mountainous regions I love. Being in the natural world, connecting with earth and heaven bring me the serenity visible in each image I create.

My photography is self taught, learning through many years of study, research, experimentation and experience not only the technical aspects of photography and computer, but the creative side: design and presentation. I enjoy exhibiting my work and talking with other creative people. Most importantly, I recreates what is beautiful and precious to me, sharing this vision of peace and serenity with others of similar vision.








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